UGMIC Brief Introduction

UGMIC Industrial Co., Ltd. is founded in 1991 by Mr. Shi-Ming Chen.


Accumulating experience in developing machine tool equipment, cutter, and die for more than 30 years, the founder Mr. Shi-Ming Chen, knows that promoting industry competitiveness should focus on the progress of high efficiency and longevity of cutter/die. Mr. Chen researches and develops professionally manufactured tungsten thread cutter/die to span the range of services and brings UGMIC Precision Tools is the first manufactory of that area in Taiwan. Our products are tungsten carbide tap, tungsten carbide die, thread milling cutter, tungsten steel chaser, thread chaser, tungsten carbide sample gauge,tungsten carbide plug gauge, etc.


Our service is widespread. The industry includes water-supply valve, gas valve, tire air valve, camlock, sanitary hardware, pneumatic accessories, compressor parts, refrigeration accessories, automobile and bike parts accessories, machinery parts accessories, titanium alloy/stainless steel golf-club head, artificial joint medical appliance, etc. We service customers from many countries in Asia, South-east Asia, North America, Central and South America. 


We hold the spirit of “Improving, Excellence, Devotion” to continually develop new products and overcome various problems of thread machining for this industry. We have acquired dozens of related patents to provide most professional, most perfect, most excellent services to our customers of different attributes. Hope we can have a steady growth under the standing and caring support from our customers.