UGMIC Products Characteristics

To produce well-designed cutting tools, which have both long life and high quality, equal emphases must be laid on the factors of the cutting tool material, product material as well as processing ways of the machines. All of our cutting tools are accordingly processed to the cut material, with appropriate cutting angle, and made from high-quality tungsten carbide. This measure not only prolongs the life of tools, enhances product quality, but also allows product to have greater wearing quality.


Cut Materials: brass/bronze, low lead brass/bronze, brass/bronze pipe/tube, zinc alloy casting, iron, hardness iron, cast iron, steel, carbon steel, hardness carbon steel, aluminum die casting, aluminum alloy 6 system and 7 system, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, plastic, carbon fiber CM, glass fiber CM, bakelite, and many more.


To purchase or inquire price, please specify the desired cut materials (i.e. the material of the matter that will be cut by our products) for faster and more accurate service.


Materials with high rigidity as well as high hardness of appliances have been extensively utilized in the industry; therefore, the needs for processing and comprehensive quality examination of screw threads have accordingly increased greatly.  As a result, to supply qualified products which meet the demands of the industry, our company has been putting efforts in the development as well as production of measurement tools with tungsten as the major material, such as thread plug gauge,  clearance gauge, and shape gauge.